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Mineral Insulated (MgO) Thermocouples

Mineral Insulated (MgO) thermocouple assemblies are metal sheathed, magnesium oxide insulated temperature sensing elements. These small, compact units are moisture proof, non-porous, and pressure resistant. They are available with single or dual elements and are noted for accuracy and fast response. These thermocouple assemblies come in a large variety of sheath materials and calibrations. Installation is made easier because Mineral Insulated thermocouple assemblies are bendable to practically any contour. The metal sheath is made of durable alloys and can be welded. These thermocouple assemblies have consistency that is assured by excellent quality control in manufacturing.

Noble Metal Thermocouples

Furnace Parts LLC Noble Metal Thermocouples are designed for use in high temperature measurement environments. Noble Metal Thermocouples generally operate in a temperature range of 1800ºF (982ºC), through 4200ºF (2300ºC). They are offered customized to your application requirements, from the most basic configurations, to the most highly sophisticated assemblies. Offered in standard wire gauges of 20, 24 and 26, we are also able to supply custom diameters per your specification. We also offer a number of platinum reclamation programs for your used noble metal assemblies, significantly reducing your total thermocoouple costs. Conbtact us today to discuss your assembly requirements and reclamation opportunities.

Base Metal Thermocouples

Furnace Parts provides Base Metal Thermocouple Elements, Ceramic Insulators, Metal Protection Tubes and other Base Metal Thermocouple Hardware and Supplies. Standard calibrations include E, J, K, N and T. Available in a wide variety of wire gauges, lengths and configurations - customized to your specifications. Contact us with your requirements.

Thermocouple Wire

Furnace Parts offers a wide variety of both bare and insulated wire, available in standard limit, special limit and 1/2 special limit tolerances. Our common thermocouple wire guages include, 8, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 30 AWG, and custom sizes are available upon request. Insulation types include fiberglass, high temperature fiberglass, PVC, Teflon, vitreous silica and ceramic fiber. Calibrations incluse Type J, K, N, E and T. Call today to speak with a customer service agent, or submit your quotation request for prompt pricing and delivery options.


Thermowells are designed to add additional protection to temperature sensors such as thermocouples and RTD assemblies. They isolate the temperature sensor from the application environment, allowing for longer sensor life. Offered in many different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel® and Hastelloy®, thermowells are available in straight bore, tapered bore, weld in and flanged mount. Furnace Parts is able to customize products to your specific requirements. Contact a customer service representative for assistance with your specific requirements.

Thermocouple Accessories

Furnace Parts LLC offers a wide variety of hardware and accessories, including heads and blocks, plugs and jacks, tube adapters and compression fittings. Our hardware is offered for efficiency, convenience and added value.

  • Heads: Iron, steel, aluminum, explosion proof, mini-aluminum and polymer.
  • Blocks: Numerous configurations of single and dual ceramic blocks designed to fit various heads.
  • Connectors: Plugs and jacks (low-temp, ceramic, mini, jab-in, three-pole, dual), Fast-Fix host junction connectors, wafer heads and panel strips.
  • Ceramic Insulators: Manufactured in a wide range of diameters, bore sizes and configurations, ceramic insulators are available in alumina, mullite and hafnia.
  • Metal Protection Tubes: Manufactured metal protection tubes in many different materials. A large inventory of raw materials is available, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs.